The Best Laundromat in Tijuana for Expats

Are you an American, either retired or professional, living in Tijuana or in northern Baja California? Need a place to wash your clothes?

Lavamatica Splash Soler is located in a safe neighborhood, only minutes from Playas and the San Ysidro border crossing. We are across the street from a Calimax and offer fluff and fold services, so you can drop your clothes off to be washed while you take care of grocery shopping for the week.

If you like, you can relax in our laundromat with access to free high-speed wifi, and if you have kids they’ll love our indoor playhouse and swingset.

We have a snack bar that sells drinks, chips, and paletas, in additional to laundry detergent or bleach if your forget to bring your own from home.

We welcome you to try our service the next time you need to find a lavamatica en Tijuana!

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